Small-Batch Crafted : At Sage Aubrey, we only bring in a limited amount of colors and bags each season. We manufacture small quantities of our products so that we don’t have excess product. These production practices protect the quality of the bag, while also limiting the amount of waste. 

Pre-Loved Bags : We support shopping second-hand to extend the life of a product and prevent unnecessary waste. We love to find pre-owned Sage Aubrey bags a home. We offer a limited amount of pre-owned handbags to our customers.

Repurposing : Any leftover fabrics that we accumulate are consciously repurposed into small leather goods such as our Cardholders. We also use leftover scraps for samples.

Short Supply Chain : We have developed long term design partnerships which are rooted in a shared passion for heritage and ensure each piece is thoughtfully fashioned and created in limited edition collections.

Manufacturers: We only work with Italian Factories that are regulated, keep a safe and clean enviroment for their team, legal working schedules are kept strictly and salaries are fair. Our code of ethics is at the core of our values and that starts with our who have been thoughtfully selected as our partners and country of origin. 

Have other suggestions on how we can improve our practices? Email to speak directly with our team.