Made in Italy

You deserve the best! Iconic design and exquisite craftsmanship. Our bags are twice the quality of similar priced bags.

Limited Batches

Founded on the core ethos of quality and integrity. Limited batches protect the quality, while limiting waste.


Each Sage Aubrey handbag is crafted in over 120 steps. It takes sophisticated artisans and heritage techniques to bring this complex design to life.

Our Service

We treat you with respect, we share our gratitude for you and celebrate having you here. For us, your business will always be about our relationship with you.

Bag Facts.

The ICONIC bag shape was not birthed out of experience or ease, it took nearly four years to develop the signature shape — She has been fought for, she is powerful, multifaceted, versatile and she can do hard things.

She is me and she is you.

Exquisite quality, iconic shape, community driven and a deeper meaning in the goods we purchase. That's exactly why I built this brand- and it all started with a dream.

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Highest Quality Materials.

We only use the highest quality Italian leathers and materials in our products, because that's how it should be when your investing in a quality bag.

Handcrafted in Italy

Our handbags are made in Florence, Italy along side the most respected brands in the industry. Rigorous quality inspections, best in class artisans and heritage techniques make for the best in class design.

The Reviews

Love my bag!

"The quality is as luxurious as my Givenchy & Celine bags. The customer service is the BEST!

— Kacia

The best bag!

"The best bag I have purchased in years! Customer Service-Quality-Shape.

No brainer, BUY THE BAG!"

— Jaquline

Hits my vibe!

"Woman owned, sustainably crafted, built on ethics, the right price. The shape has women stopping me constantly."

— Stephanie

The shape!

"The shape sets you apart from the crowd, and the quality is way better than my coach bags."

— Desiree

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SA in the wild

Seeing our customers with their bag IRL is a dream come true!