My Story, Our Promise

Sage first name, Aubrey middle, I know you were wondering. Thank you for taking the time to check out more about myself and the brand.

I'm a self-taught Designer (insert crazy emoji face) & Founder of SAGE AUBREY Handbags. The signature bag shape was not birthed out of experience or ease, it took nearly four years to conceptualize, design, sample and develop the Luna shape. In between that lots of tears, incredible amount of rejection and odds stacked against me at every turn.  

The Brand, the design, the journey has been fought for; she is powerful, multifaceted, versatile, original and she can do hard things.

Turns out. She is me and she is you. 

Exquisite quality, iconic shape, consciously crafted, community driven, and a deeper meaning in the goods we purchase. That's exactly why I built this brand- and it all started with a dream. 

You are my inspiration, 

Sage Aubrey,