The ICONIC bag shape was not birthed out of ease, it took nearly four years to develop—constant failed attempts, shark infested situations, horrible advice from so called "professionals," constant NO’S and near bankrupting amateur mistakes. If I had listened to all the people who have discouraged me and stopped when things were rough I would not be here. 

She has been fought for, she is powerful, she is multifaceted, she is versatile and she can do hard things. She is me and she is you. Much more than just a bag, we are a community of women looking for deeper meaning in the goods we purchase. We're pushing the boundaries together by creating a more respectful, authentic, and inclusive place for women to shop and feel welcomed.

You can always spot the SAGE AUBREY customer, they’re the ones raising each other up. 

You are my inspiration, 

Sage Aubrey,

Founder, Self Taught Designer, Entrepreneur, Mother x 3

-Established in 2015 by former women’s boutique owner Sage Aubrey. Her love of community, iconic style and women’s advancements continue to guide her design approach and influences: shapes, conversations, and aesthetic.
-Sage Aubrey is a FITDE Program Graduate (Fashion Institute of Technology Design Entrepreneur). She was selected as one of 24 brands joining FITDE, development and mentorship program for the Spring/Summer ’19 season.