Sage's Handbag Essentials

1. Cardholder - Don’t carry wallets anymore. I currently carry our cardholder in the shade poppy. 

2. A piece of paper or a manifestation card that has what I am grateful for, what I am striving to and for and what I want for my husband and children. I love carrying my manifestations, my goals and my gratitude with me wherever I go.

3. Two sets of sunglasses. I am currently loving this orange sunnies from Anthropologie. 

4. Lipglosses - One that is a chapstick, gloss that is neutral and one that is a color. As I get older, I've realized I need color on my lips to look more awake. I also love the scent of them. 

5. A snack, I use snacks to low-key convince my children to not have a meltdown and I do that that with snacks, a fruit snack, a granola bar, a piece of chocolate, gum.

6. For the perfect day skin refresh, I carry Wildflower's skin tonic chamomile lavender vanilla.

Orange anthropology sunnies
Burts bees tined lip balm and shimmer
Pair of hoops or gold studs to transform your outfit onthego.