Icon Insider : Abby Zufelt

Icon Insider : Abby Zufelt

What is Icon Insider? 

At Sage Aubrey, we believe every woman deserves to feel ICONIC and admired.

It takes strength and power to live out the many daily challenges and obstacles in life. We celebrate every woman and wish to shine a light on their accomplishments, dreams and aspirations. 

Icon Insider celebrates and highlights women following their unique path and making an ICONIC difference.

What we carry can define us, inspire us and motivate us. We carry a handbag and accessories, but we also carry things figuratively such as dreams, scars, memories and responsibilities. Icon Insider gives women the opportunity to share what they carry with them on the daily and how it inspires them to pursue their dreams.

Icon Insider w/ Abby Zufelt

One common theme we have at Sage Aubrey is the importance of helping other women in business. Abby Zufelt is doing just that, by providing a space for conversation and encouragement for women in the workplace. Let's learn more about this talented podcaster with a love for pink. 

We would love to learn a little about you? 

I’m a digital marketing expert with a passion for all things related to the workplace and the career journey.

I’m the founder and host of a podcast and community called Working Girl Talk which aims to educate and inspire the professional woman. I’m on a mission to make the workday better!

It all started when I got my first job out of college and felt a desire to keep learning and growing - but didn’t know where to turn. There were a lot of resources, but none that spoke specifically to young women trying to navigate the working world, in both a fun and professional way. At the same time, my coworkers and I would exchange tips and tricks about working with our clients at lunch. I thought, “What about the girls that don’t have a girl gang of coworkers like this?” Working Girl Talk was born.

I’m living the best of both working girl worlds with a full-time job leading digital marketing for an organization by day, and as a podcast host by night (and early mornings and weekends ha).

What are your top 5 essentials that are currently in your handbag? 

1. Glow Recipe Watermelon Lip Pop

2. Hot pink pepper spray

3. Floss

4. Privé Revaux blue light glasses

5. AirPods

What is your go-to Sage Aubrey handbag?

I LOVE my Micro Luna x Bubble Gum!

Wearing it guarantees a 100% boost in confidence and the pink is so on brand for me.

What is something you carry with you (physically or figuratively) that inspires you or motivates you?

I always wear a silver necklace that I’ve had since I was a child. The pendant on it is a symbol from the Basque country in Spain. My maternal grandma’s family is from there. It inspires me because it reminds me of my ancestors who came to America to live the American dream. It may look strange to some, but it’s my good luck charm.

What is one dream you hold?

To reach one million working women through Working Girl Talk and to publish the book I’ve been working on. You heard it here first! #manifesting

At Sage Aubrey, we believe every woman is Iconic and deserving of appreciation.
Who is an Iconic woman in your life?

First, the women in my family. Their support and love is unwavering. I will never be able to express the amount of gratitude I feel to them. Second, every woman I’ve interviewed on the podcast is truly iconic and has impacted my life in more ways than they will ever know. Third, the Working Girl Talk listeners - they inspire me daily!

To learn more about Abby Zufelt, you can visit her instagram here and check out her podcast Working Girl Talk here

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