• So Scottsdale! “In the Bag”

    2015 March 16

    Cover So Scottsdale, November 2014“When I thought about the kind of company that would I would lend my name to, one that represented myself as a woman, I took this very seriously,” she explains. “At Sage Aubrey we pride ourselves on being a company with integrity: What we do, who we say we are, is actually who we are and what we do—there are no sales gimmicks here. Ethics: No man, woman or child will ever be hurt or overworked while making your beautiful bag. Humanity: There is a greater heartbeat in our company, one that pulses with the thought of uplifting women and girls on both ends of the spectrum. Authenticity: The products we design are constructed by Sage and are made to make you feel authentic and unique. And lastly, quality: We will never sacrifice the quality of our designs to make an extra buck—we pride ourselves on using the highest quality leathers, fabrics, hardware and real craftsmanship.”

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